Feast Seasoning | Lemon Pepper 3 Pack

Calling all citrus lovers! The lemony goodness of this seasoning blend will have everyone at your table in disbelief. You’ll be surprised we didn’t just give you a fresh yellow lemon covered in peppercorns. Packed with bits of lemon zest, hints of black pepper, toasted onion, thyme, and honey granules, it will literally have everyone begging for more.

Feast Seasoning Lemon Pepper makes the perfect addition to your fresh caught cravings, especially salmon. It’s also great with chicken, red meats, vegetables, and pastas— just about anything you can think of.  When used on proteins, this blend is best if used as a rub prior to cooking.

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  The Benefits

  • No additives 
  • Non-gmo non-msg
  • Gluten free
  • Low sodium
  • 0 calories



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